Adaptation / assessment period

Restrictive permit

Intended for international medical graduates (IMGs) and applicants under the Québec-France Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), the adaptation/assessment period assesses applicants’ adaptability and fitness to practice medicine in Quebec.

The adaptation/assessment period lasts 13 weeks (including a week of observation) and takes place in an accredited university clinical setting or any other clinical setting designated by the CMQ. To obtain a restrictive permit in the proposed discipline, the main areas of the specialty must be assessed during the adaptation/assessment period.

This is not a training period as such. However, continuous feedback will help you optimize your professional integration and achieve the standards of practice recognized in Quebec.

Two reports (mid-period and final) will be sent to the CMQ’s Admission to Practice Committee (APE) which will determine whether you are eligible for a Restrictive permit.

The CMQ coordinates adaptation/assessment periods under an agreement concluded with the sites. Adaptation/assessment period supervisors are responsible for the content.

It is impossible to determine how long you will have to wait before you can complete your adaptation/assessment period, for many factors influence the wait time, including the immigration procedure, site availability and medical staffing plans in Quebec.

Last update: May 7, 2015