Assessment or adaptation period – Practice Ready Assessment route (PRA) – Restrictive permit


Restrictive permit (clinician) and
Restrictive permit under ARM

Physicians ready to practice  - Practice Ready Assessment route (PRA)

The assessment period or adaptation period is intended for international medical graduates (IMG), including eligible applicants under the Québec-France Mutual Recognition Agreement (ARM), ready to practice in the context of an application for a restrictive permit (clinician) or an application for a restrictive permit under the ARM.

This assessment is not a training period. It is meant to assess applicants’ adaptability, professional integration and fitness to practice medicine in Québec.

The Medical Education Division of the CMQ is responsible for the identification and the coordination of the assessment sites. The organizational delays vary according to several factors, particularly the assessment site identification, the immigration procedures (four months) and medical staffing plans in the specialty.

Lasting 13 consecutives weeks (including a week of observation), the assessment takes place in an accredited university clinical setting or any other clinical setting designated by the CMQ and includes the evaluation of the main areas inherent to the designated specialty.

Two reports (mid-assessment and final) will be sent to the CMQ’s Committee on Admission to Practice (CAE) which will determine whether you are eligible for a restrictive permit (clinician) or a restrictive permit under the ARM.

Another pathway could be the «regular» permit pathway by applying for the recognition of equivalence of your medical diploma (M.D.) as the first step. For more information, write to the Equivalence section:

For information on the restrictive permit, write to:

Last update: May 4, 2018