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Accredited sites

Accredited sites are used for residency training programs, that is, for the mandatory or elective training periods that are completed on a regular basis by most residents in the program. Only accredited sites are listed in the List of accreditations.

For more information, go to the Accreditation page.

Other accredited sites where professional activities are performed by residents and fellows during their training

Training sites where professional activities are performed under the supervision of competent individuals in the following contexts are accredited:

  • Land or air ambulance transport
  • House calls (including providing care to the homeless)
  • Organ removal performed in any institution other than the institution where the resident or fellow is completing their training period
  • Simulation centres
Interinstitutional affiliations

An interfaculty agreement has been established for some programs. The four faculties share training sites for two network programs, namely, medical biochemistry and geriatric medicine.

For more information, contact the faculty of medicine concerned.

Other programs

The training sites for the pediatric specialties listed below are affiliated with the corresponding general program that leads to Collège certification:

Pediatric specialties » General program
Pediatric cardiology » Cardiology
Pediatric endocrinology and metabolism » Endocrinology and metabolism
Pediatric gastroenterology » Gastroenterology
Pediatric clinical immunology and allergy » Clinical immunology and allergy
Pediatric infectious diseases » Infectious diseases
Pediatric intensive care medicine » Intensive care medicine
Pediatric nephrology » Nephrology
Pediatric neurology » Neurology
Pediatric respirology » Respirology
Pediatric rheumatology » Rheumatology

The training sites for specialties, competencies or diplomas that are not recognized by the Collège (but which are recognized by the CFPC and the Royal College) are affiliated with the programs listed below:

Various programs » General program
Neuroradiology » Diagnostic radiology
Interventional radiology » Diagnostic radiology
Pediatric radiology » Diagnostic radiology
Pain medicine » Anesthesiology
Clinical pharmacology and toxicology » Emergency medicine
Special program » Corresponding program
Surgical foundations » General surgery
Clinician scientist training » Resident’s primary program
Competencies » Corresponding program
CFPC Enhanced Skills » Family medicine
Royal College Areas of Focused Competence (AFC-Diploma) » Resident’s primary program
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