Authorization and written confirmation


Upon receipt of the documents mentioned in Step 5 of the section entitled “Five to obtain authorization to practice the medical profession in a partnership or company,” certain verifications will be made by the Collège. When these verifications have been completed, the Collège will decide whether the submission complies with the terms an conditions provided in the Regulation respecting the practice of the medical profession within a partnership or a company.

  • If the submission is compliant and complete, the Collège will send the member/respondent or his representative written confirmation, stating that the members of the Collège named in the request are authorized to practice their professional activities within the partnership or company.  The written confirmation will also indicate the date on which the authorization takes effect.  That date is when all complete and compliant documents required were received.  The Collège will also attach a receipt to the written confirmation.
  • If the submission is not compliant or incomplete, the Collège will contact the member/respondent or his representative to inform that person of the situation and explain what has to be done for the request to be acceptable.

Last update: March 2, 2015