If you are admitted to a postgraduate training program in Quebec as a resident or to a recognized program in Quebec to complete a period of advanced training as a fellow (fellowship), you must be registered and have a training card that indicates which program you are enrolled in and your level of training.

The training card must be renewed for each academic year, that is, July 1 to June 30.

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If you are an international medical graduate and would like to complete a postgraduate training program in Quebec, you must first obtain recognition of the equivalence of your Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree
Application deadline

Training period starting on July 1 

You will be sent an invitation by email in the spring and will have until mid May to submit your application.

IMPORTANT: after this deadline, a penalty of $100 will be added to the training card fee.

Training period starting after July 1
You must submit your application before you start your training period.

To submit an application for a clinical rotation at a non-accredited site, please complete the form: Application for a clinical rotation at a non-accredited site

As a resident or fellow, you are authorized to perform, among the professional activities reserved to physicians, those that correspond to your level of training and are required to achieve the objectives of your training periods as determined by the training program:

  • at training sites that are accredited and approved by the Collège;
  • under the supervision of competent persons and in compliance with the rules applicable to physicians, particularly those relating to ethics, prescription writing and the keeping of records, physicians’ consulting rooms or offices.

In addition, note that the training card does not allow you to:

  • practice medicine anywhere other than at training sites that are accredited or authorized by the Collège;
  • write medical prescriptions anywhere other than at sites where you are authorized to practice by the Collège.
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In case of dissatisfaction

You can file a complaint if you are dissatisfied or have difficulty in obtaining a permit or becoming a member of the Ordre.

An independent governmental body is available to you: the Commissioner for Admission to Professions. The commissioner receives and examines all complaints concerning admission to professions: 

  • for any process or stage of admission;
  • against any person or organization involved (the College or a third party).
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