Request for Access to a Document


Professional orders are subject to the provisions of the Access to Information Act, like other public bodies. At the Collège, the person responsible for applying this legislation is Dr. Isabelle Tardif, Secretary of the order. Dr. Tardif will ensure that the Collège fulfils its responsibilities in matters of access to information and protection of personal information. She will receive and process requests for information sent to him. However, the syndic, Dr. Marie-Josée Dupuis, exercises these functions when it comes to documents and information she obtains or is in possession of, including those she transmits to others within the order.

Under the terms of this law, you may request access to documents related to supervision of the professional practice of medicine. The right of access applies only to documents whose transmission does not require calculation or comparison of information.

Request form 

The form Request for access to a document or to personal information can be:
- filled electronically and printed, or
- printed and filled manually.
In all cases, you will need to sign and date the form, and send it to the Collège by e-mail, fax or by regular mail.


Access to a document is given free of charge. However, the Collège may charge a fee for the transcription or reproduction of a document, in which case, you will be notified beforehand of the approximate cost.

Transmitting your Request to the Collège 

You may address a request verbally to the person responsible for access to information, or you may do so in writing. However, under the terms of the law, only a decision on a written request may be reviewed by the Commission d’accès à l’information (Access to Information Commission).

Upon receiving the Request Form or any other written request, the person responsible will send you an acknowledgement of receipt, specifying the date on which you will receive a reply to your request. The waiting time for a reply, fixed by law, is 20 consecutive days. This waiting time may be extended by 10 days, if necessary.

Certificate of professional conduct 

If this is an application for a certificate of professional conduct, follow the steps of the procedure.

Communication of personal information to a third party

In the precise case where a physician (or a future physician) wishes that personal information concerning him is transmitted to a third party, he has to fill the Form of Consent and send it to the Collège by e-mail, fax or by mail to the address mentioned below.


If you have difficulty identifying the document you are requesting, or if you want to obtain information concerning the Act respecting access to information held by public bodies and the protection of personal information, please contact the person responsible for access to information at the number mentioned below.

Dr. Isabelle Tardif
Person responsible for access to information and the protection of personal information of the order
Collège des médecins du Québec
Office 3500
1250, René-Lévesque Boulevard West
Montreal (Quebec) 
H3B 0G2 
Telephone : 514 933-4441, ext. 5254 or 5395
Fax: 514 933-3276

Last update: April 6, 2023