Professional Inspection Division


Dr Marc BillardDr. Marc Billard
Director of Professional Inspection


The mandate of the Professional Inspection Division (PID) is to monitor the quality of practice of all active physicians in order to contribute to improving the health of Quebecers.

Under the direction of the person responsible for professional inspection, the inspectors share the task defined in the general supervision program approved by the Board of Directors (available in French only). Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of medical practice in institutions and in all other public or private settings where medical activities are carried out. When necessary, we use the expertise of more than 200 physicians in active practice during our inspections.

To enable physicians to provide quality medical care, the practice monitoring and improvement system is based on the deployment of three levels of measures to assess and, where appropriate, improve physician practice.

Three levels of intervention

The physician performance monitoring and improvement system has three levels of intervention.

  • Level 1: assessment of large groups of physicians through the councils of physicians, dentists and pharmacists (CPDPs) of institutions or based on clinical indicators
  • Level 2: assessment of small groups of physicians or individuals by questionnaire only
  • Level 3: in-depth individual assessment of physician competence

The PIC assesses the quality of practice of physicians in offices and institutions. It works in partnership with the Collège’s other divisions and committees and carries out interventions to improve medical practice. Assuming that every physician naturally tends to practice quality medicine, the PIC places risk management at the heart of its system. Through feedback at each stage of the assessment process, physicians are informed of their performance and, where appropriate, how to improve it. In cases where the physician does not agree with the person responsible for professional inspection, the Professional Inspection Committee (PIC) must hear the physician and may impose refresher activities.

The Professional Inspection Committee

The PIC is made up of ten physicians and one member of the public, representing various medical and surgical disciplines. PIC members are appointed by the Board of Directors of the Collège des médecins du Québec. The Committee meets regularly to take note of recommendations submitted to it and decide, if necessary, on the actions to be taken to improve the professional practice of the physicians visited.

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You can reach the staff of the Professional Inspection Division from Monday to Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and on Friday, from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

Last update: March 5, 2021