List of fees


The Medical Education Division has grouped the fee structure for all of its activities under one same fee schedule. The forms to be completed are grouped in one same page: Online services.

Valid from: April 1, 2022
Please note that all fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Mandatory educational activity
Policy on this activity* 
Special authorization
Special authorization $525
Training card
More than 5 periods 
5 periods or less 
Late payment penalty
Certificate of professional conduct
Members, Residents, and Fellows with valid training card
Non members
Family medicine (registration for the CFPC Examinations)
Other specialties (registration for the Royal College Examinations)
Medical Council of Canada Examinations
Registration (Medical students)
Registration  $120
Study of file and registration (non-refundable payment) $500
Services related to the permit to practice
Update of the medical activities and Declarations $0
Application for converting a temporary permit  $350
Additional specialist’s certificate $150
Recognition of equivalence of postgraduate training for a new specialty $500
Recognition of training in acupuncture $500
Reprint of the permit or specialist’s certificate $80
Copy of the permit and/or specialist’s certificate
IMPORTANT: When renewing institutional privileges where a copy of the permit is requested to validate the registration of a member on the Roll of the Order, it is possible to consult the Physician directory or to present the membership card deposited on your personal page of the College's secure website.
Request for a modification of the restrictive permit $200
Restrictive permit issued pursuant to section 35 of the Medical Act (clinician or in compliance with the ARM - Québec-France agreement)
Organization of an adaptation period  GST + QST included $632,37
Étude de l'impact sur le marché du travail (EIMT)
- Sponsored
- Not sponsored

Observation week (prerequisite for the adaptation period) $1,725
Clinical practice period (fee per week) $1,725 - MEDICAL REGISTRATION APPLICATION
Fee related to an application for medical registration 
Account opening: one-time fee
Per submission of an application: sustainability fee

Regular permit
Ready to practice (study of file, issuance of the permit and the specialist's certificate)

Recognition of equivalence of the Medical degree (M.D.) (study of file) $500
Restrictive permit (study of file)
Professor sponsored by a Québec Faculty of medicine

Clinician sponsored by Recrutement Santé Québec $0
ARM (Québec-France agreement)
- Sponsored by RSQ
- Not sponsored by RSQ

Issuance of the restrictive permit (billing by the CMQ) $800
Conversion of a restrictive permit into a regular permit
Clinician or professor sponsored
- Before 5 years, after one renewal (study of file), by exam
- Issuance of the regular permit and the specialist's certificate 
(billing by the CMQ)


- After 5 years (study of file, issuance of the regular permit and the specialist's certificate)

ARM (Québec-France agreement)
- Before 5 years, after one renewal by exam (registration with Royal College or CFPC)
- Issuance of the regular permit and the specialist's certificate (billing by the CMQ)



- After 5 years (study of file, issuance of the regular permit and the specialist's certificate)

First registration on the membership roll
See First registration page in the Managing my file section. fee applicable
Regular membership (for a physician already registered on the membership roll)

See Membership renewal page in the Managing my file section.

fee applicable
*Policy on the ALDO-Québec Educational Activity

Change of date
A person who wishes to make a change of date before the holding of the activity has to make the demand in writing, at least seven days before the activity. In that case, there will be no withdrawal penalty.

In case of illness or other exceptional circumstances deemed valid by the Medical Education Division, the person is entitled to a complete reimbursement of the fee payable. No reimbursement will be paid to a person who does not present himself or herself for the ALDO-Québec educational activity, nor to a person whose reason is not deemed valid by the Medical Education Division.

All applications for withdrawal must be made in writing and be signed. They must also indicate the reason for the withdrawal and contain, if applicable, a medical certificate.
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Last update: March 31, 2022