Important notice:

Due to the current pandemic, only electronic submittals sent to incorporation@cmq.org will be processed. 

  • All documents must be in PDF format;
  • One complete file per email (if submitting multiple files at once, please submit each file in a separate email);
  • Include the Doctor’s name or corporation in the subject line.

Once the file is submitted by email, you will receive a confirmation email notifying that the invoice is available in the Secure access. Please note that payments are still accepted via checks.

All checks must be clearly identified (corporation, Doctor’s name and permit number).

Current update

The physician must notify the secretary of the Collège in writing of any change in the information in the declaration that is likely to contravene the Regulation respecting the practice of the medical profession in a partnership or joint-stock company. He must complete and sign the Amending Declaration, then send it within thirty (30) days after the change, to the following address: incorporation@cmq.org.

Annual update

The physician must also update every year, at the time of paying his annual dues, the information appearing in the Declaration for authorization to practice the medical profession within a partnership or company. A fee of $30 will be invoiced with the annual dues renewal.

Last update: January 20, 2021