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Netiquette Policy on the Collège’s Social Networks

Terms of use

The Collège des médecins du Québec only tolerates points of view and discussions written with respect and politeness on its social media platforms.

To ensure all discussions are respectful and relevant, all comments and posts on social media are read and reviewed by a moderator. The Collège monitors its platforms and reserves the right to hide, delete, or request the removal of any content deemed inappropriate or non-compliant with the policy below.

Netiquette Policy:
  • Hateful, vulgar, disrespectful, discriminatory, racist, sexist, obscene posts and comments, or any kind of threat or incitement of physical or verbal violence published on the Collège’s accounts or mentioning the Collège shall be removed or reported without notice. 
  • Users must be identified under their real name. Comments from anonymous accounts are not permitted.
  • Posts or comments on the Collège’s accounts must not contain other’s personal information or refer to private conversations.
  • Posts or comments that could affect another person’s privacy are not permitted in any form.
  • Posts or comments in all caps are not recommended. 
  • Posts or comments making unauthorized use of the name of the page or the intellectual property of a third party may be removed without notice.
  • Comments posted following a post by the Collège must be related to the Collège. Any off-topic or out-of-context comments will be removed without notice.
  • Repetitive and insistent posts and comments will be removed without notice or flagged as unwanted content.
  • Advertising or solicitation in a post or comment mentioning the Collège is prohibited, regardless of the type (commercial promotion, survey, petition, etc.).

Please note that the Collège reserves the right to change the Netiquette Policy at any time without notice.
The administrator of the Collège’s accounts reserves the right to remove any comments or report a post mentioning the Collège that does not respect the Netiquette Policy. In the event of serious or repeated abuse, the Collège reserves the right to block a user who does not comply with the Netiquette Policy.

The Collège would like to remind members on its social media platforms that they must at all times comply with their ethical obligations, especially those relating to public statements.

Last update: September 10, 2021