Recognition of equivalence of a degree

International medical graduate

If you are an international medical graduate (IMG) and would like to apply for a permit (regular), you must first obtain recognition of the equivalence of your Doctor of Medicine degree.

The procedure to obtain recognition of equivalence of a degree does not always lead to admission to postgraduate programs, which are the prerogative of universities.

N.B. A medical degree (diplôme d’État de docteur en médecine) from a faculty of medicine that is located and provides training in France is recognized by the CMQ under the Arrangement de reconnaissance mutuelle (ARM).

Recognition of equivalence of a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree 

You have to pass successfully the two examinations required (MCCQE part I and one of the following: NAC-OSCE or MCCQE, part II). The registration is through the Medical Council of Canada, under the "Examinations" section on your personal account.

You may complete an application for recognition of a degree, under the "Application for medical registration" section on your personal account and choose the option Regular permit — Recognition of equivalence of a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree and submit the documents required. Please refer to the fee structure.

Through this portal, the Medical Council of Canada will source verify your credentials . Please make sure you have authorized the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ) to access all your documents.

Once you have provided proof that you have successfully completed the two required examinations and the documents submitted to have the verification status “Passed”, the CMQ will recognize the equivalence of your Doctor of Medicine degree.

For next steps, please consult the section Postgraduate training.

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Last update: October 18, 2018