Resident – Training card


To complete your postgraduate training in Quebec, you must be registered and have a training card that indicates which program you are enrolled in, the training sites you will be completing your clinical rotations (training periods) at, their duration and your level of training. The process is renewable for each year of residency or fellowship.

As a resident, you are authorized to perform, among the professional activities reserved to physicians, those that correspond to your level of training and are required to complete your postgraduate training:

  • in the training setting required to achieve the objectives of your training periods in accordance with what is stated on your training card;
  • under the supervision of competent persons and in compliance with the rules applicable to physicians, in particular those concerning the code of ethics, the issuing of a prescriptions and the keeping of records, consulting rooms or physician’s offices.


Moreover, note that the training card does not allow you to:

  • practice medicine anywhere other than at accredited training sites;
  • write medical prescriptions anywhere other than at sites where you are authorized to practice.

Training starting on July 1, 2019:
You must submit your application for a training card no later than May 15, 2019.
IMPORTANT: After this deadline, a penalty of $100 will be added to the fees due.

Training starting after July 1, 2019:
You must submit your application before the beginning of your training.

To submit an application for a clinical rotation at a non-accreditated site:

For information, write to:

For further information:

Last update: February 28, 2019