Dr Yves Robert

Dr Robert

The secretary of the Collège des médecins plays the role provided for in the Professional Code and the Medical Act. He is appointed by the Board of Directors (BD) and reports directly to the president and chief executive officer (president and CEO). Dr. Yves Robert has held this position since 2005.  

As secretary of the BD and the Executive Committee, he is responsible for preparing the minutes of the meetings of these bodies and ensuring their decisions are implemented. He assists the president and CEO in exercising his functions and oversees the Executive Office in his absence. Dr. Robert assumes all the legal responsibilities of the secretary of the Order, namely, he maintains and updates the Roll of the Order, maintains archives and professional records and issues certificates of professional conduct. With the president and CEO, he signs permits to practice. He is responsible for developing and updating the Collège’s regulations. He supports the activities of the committees and working groups mandated by the BD and the Executive Committee and is responsible for producing any documents and briefs required by these bodies. He also supports the Collège directors in fulfilling their mandate.

At the request of the president and chief executive officer, the secretary of the Collège shares the role of representing the Collège and communicating with external partners. He contributes to the development of the Order. 

Last update: February 17, 2015