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Through the secure section of the Collège des médecins du Québec's website, you can complete your transactions online and access your documents in PDF format when they are made available. You can use this quick and confidential tool to make secure transactions.

Online forms – Collège des médecins du Québec website
  • Membership renewal
  • Change of address and modification of information
  • Annual declaration
  • Declaration of continuing education activities in psychotherapy
  • Application for special authorization
  • Application for a training card
  • Application for a certificate of professional conduct
  • Application for a certificate of registration on the educational register or register of fellows
  • Application for review of a file as a fellow (for candidates who have been contacted by the Collège)
  • Request for a reprint or a copy of a permit or specialist's certificate
  • Application to convert a temporary permit 
  • Application for registration
  • Application for registration for the ALDO-Quebec educational activity
  • Application for an additional specialist's certificate
  • Submission of identity documents
  • Update of medical activities and declarations
  • First registration on the Roll of the Order
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Online forms – website (Medical Council of Canada)
  • Regular permit 
    • Practice ready
    • Recognition of equivalence of a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree
  • Restrictive permit 
    • Professor sponsored by a faculty of medicine in Quebec 
    • Clinician sponsored by Recruitment Santé Québec 
    • Quebec-France Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA)
  • Conversion of a restrictive permit into a regular permit 
    • Sponsored professor or clinician (after less than 5 years, after one renewal, or after 5 years) 
    • MRA (Quebec-France Agreement) (after less than 5 years, after one renewal, or after 5 years)
Last update: December 2, 2020