Professional practice enhancement


The system of monitoring and improving professional practice, based largely on the model put forward by the Federation of Licensing Authorities of Canada (FLAC), puts the accent on information conducive to helping physicians improve the quality of their practice. Directed toward improving professional practice rather than detecting deviant physicians, the system relies on the active use of measures aimed at achieving this objective and on feedback at every step in the process.

Access the Programme de surveillance générale as adopted by the Collège's Board of Directors (in French only)
  • All physicians may be evaluated.
  • The physicians being evaluated are systematically informed at all monitoring stages.
  • The tools used to monitor and improve professional practice must be validated before being used.
  • The monitoring activities are systematically linked to activities to improve professional practice.
A System Used in Private Practice and in Establishments

The system of monitoring and improving the performance of physicians may be used to evaluate and improve the individual practice (office practice) of physicians as well as the quality of care provided in establishments.

Three Levels of Intervention

The system of monitoring and improving the performance of physicians includes three levels of intervention

  • Level One: monitoring using clinical or administrative indicators
  • Level Two: additional evaluation of certain physicians
  • Level Three: in-depth evaluation of needs of certain physicians
Last update: January 12, 2022