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Our mission and values

The Collège des médecins du Québec is the professional order of physicians in Quebec.

The Collège des médecins du Québec:

  • Monitors and assesses medical practice in Quebec
  • Makes recommendations in order to improve medical practice in Quebec
  • Receives and responds to complaints from the public
  • Ensures and promotes the maintenance of physician competence
  • Verifies the competence of future physicians and their fitness to practice medicine
  • Issues permits and authorizations to practice
  • Monitors the illegal practice of medicine
  • Collaborates with other professional orders in order to maximize the deployment of health and social services for Quebecers
  • Develops practice guides and guidelines
  • Takes a position, including in the media, on various health topics

Its values

The CMQ relies on values that serve as a guide.


The Collège places the protection of the public at the very heart of its actions and puts the expertise of its members at the service of the collective interest.


A Collège worthy of the trust of the public and its members by virtue of its professionalism, competence and objectivity.


A Collège that relies on dialogue and promotes partnerships to achieve health care excellence.


A reliable Collège, whose decisions are fair, impartial and credible.


An empathetic Collège, attentive to the public, its members and its employees.

Its vision and its team

The CMQ makes decisions and takes actions to develop closer relations with the public and ensure quality health care.

To perform its functions, the CMQ relies on a Board of Directors and a Requests Committee along with standing committees and nine divisions: the Legal Affairs Division, the Communications and Public Affairs Division, the Professional Development and Remediation Division, the Inquiries Division, the Medical Education Division, the Finances and Information Technology Division, the Executive Office, the Professional Inspection Division and the Human Resources Division. The Executive Office coordinates the activities of all the divisions and implements the decisions and orientations of the Board of Directors and the Requests Committee.

Directors and committee members must commit to comply with and promote compliance with the standards of ethics and professional conduct set out in the Code d’éthique et de déontologie des administrateurs et membres de comités [Code of ethics and professional conduct for directors' and committee members; in French only].

See also the Collège's Déclaration de services aux citoyens [Statement of services for citizens; in French only], which affirms its commitments to the public, candidates for medical practice and its members.