Une patiente consulte son médecin.

About the directory

This tool is not the Roll of the Order or a referral service. The CMQ cannot guarantee that a physician will accept new patients.

If you are unable to find a physician’s contact information, you can call the CMQ during opening hours at 514 933 4441.

To find a physician’s contact information, you must enter one of the following criteria, then click on “Find a physician”:

  • Their permit number (5 digits);
  • Their surname (full surname or at least 3 characters).

Physicians on the Roll of the Order

The directory provides the following information for a member in good standing of the CMQ whose name is known:

  • Surname, first name;
  • Sex;
  • Specialty(ies);
  • Permit type;
  • Status (and any practice restrictions);
  • Address of the principal place of practice;
  • Telephone number.

To obtain information that is not provided

The following information can be obtained by calling the CMQ’s Discipline Registry during opening hours at 514 933‑4441.

  • Information on physicians who are deceased, who have been struck off the Roll, who have resigned or whose permit has been revoked;
  • Nature of the practice restrictions
  • Disciplinary information (in particular active complaints before the Disciplinary Council).

For information on the transfer or provisional custody of records, please call extension 5393.


Decisions modifying the right to practice
Restriction, striking off, suspension or revocation of the permit

  • Active decisions are published in the physician’s directory entry.
  • Past decisions appear in the physician’s history in the right upper corner of their directory entry.

Period covered

The history available online covers the period from January 1, 2000 to the present day.

For more details or to find out about a decision rendered prior to 2000 concerning a physician, contact the CMQ’s Legal Affairs Division during opening hours: 514 933‑4441, extension 5589.


The ex-member directory provides information about ex‑members of the CMQ, i.e., physicians with one of the following statuses: deceased, resigned, permit expired, not registered, currently struck off, permit revoked


The information in the directory is updated regularly and is the latest information provided to the CMQ by physicians.