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Information on the disciplinary hearings

The schedule of disciplinary hearings lists the cases that will be heard before the Disciplinary Council.

Disciplinary hearings are held in person or virtually via Teams. Anyone wishing to attend can do so by clicking on the Teams hyperlink in the list of disciplinary hearings.


We remind you that orders to protect patient privacy may be issued at the beginning and during the hearing. If you are absent at the time of their announcement, we invite you to contact the Greffe by e-mail at conseil-discipline@cmq.org, so that you can read them without any private information being divulged.

For further information, we invite you to read the Guide to participating in a virtual hearing (in French only).

If you have any difficulty accessing the site, please contact the Greffe by e-mail at conseil-discipline@cmq.org, who will endeavour to provide you with a reply as soon as possible.

Disciplinary hearings

Hearings and decisions have been public since 1988:

“Every hearing shall be public. Notwithstanding the first paragraph, the disciplinary council may, of its own initiative or upon request, order that a hearing be held in camera or ban the disclosure, publication or release of any information or document it indicates, in the general interest or in the interest of public order, in particular to preserve professional secrecy or to protect a person’s privacy or reputation.” (Professional Code, s. 142)

Until the first hearing in a disciplinary case has been held, the Collège’s Legal Services Division cannot give access to documents in the record and, consequently, to the complaint filed.

However, under the law, the following information may be provided:

  • the professional’s (physician’s) name
  • the nature of the complaint
  • where the offence was committed
  • the date of the disciplinary hearing

The complete disciplinary file is available to the public after the first hearing, unless otherwise ordered.

All other decisions rendered by the Disciplinary Council – acquittal, preliminary motion, decision on the conviction or penalty – are public. These documents may be provided to anyone who is interested.

Disciplinary Council hearings and decisions are public. Until the first hearing in a disciplinary case has been held, the CMQ Registry cannot provide access to documents in the file and, consequently, to the complaint filed. However, once the first hearing has been held, unless otherwise ordered, the entire disciplinary file becomes public.

IMPORTANT: Guidelines for taking images and conducting interviews at the Disciplinary Board

To ensure the sound administration of justice, the serenity of court proceedings and respect for the rights of litigants and witnesses :

  1. It is forbidden to obstruct or impede the free movement of users in public areas, in particular by stopping in front of a person or blocking his or her path.
  2. Filming and interviewing are permitted only in the waiting area.
  3. It is forbidden to chase people with cameras or microphones in the waiting areas and corridors adjacent to the hearing room.
  4. No images or interviews may be taken in the courtroom or in the parties' consultation rooms.
  5. It is permissible to ask a person leaving the hearing room to give an interview.
  6. When the person agrees to give an interview, the media representatives and the person in question must go to the waiting area for the taking of images and interviews.

View the schedule of disciplinary hearings

View the list of upcoming disciplinary hearings.