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Types of permit

Find out about the different types of permits a doctor can hold.

Permit to Practice (regular permit)

The permit to practice is issued at the end of training of a resident who has completed all of their required training in compliance with the standards of the faculty of medicine and the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ), who has successfully passed the required examinations and met all other prerequisites.

Restrictive Permit

The CMQ may issue a restrictive permit to a physician in accordance with guidelines established by the Board of Directors. This permit is valid for one year, and renewable. This type of permit indicates the nature of medical acts that may be performed by the physician within the authorized establishment(s).

The different categories of restrictive permit are the following:

  • Restrictive permit for sponsored professor: permit issued to physicians recruited as professors by a faculty of medicine, in accordance with le plan d’effectifs médicaux universitaires;
  • Restrictive permit for clinician: permit issued to physicians recruited to meet specific needs by an establishment;
  • ARM with France permit: permit issued to physicians who have graduated and have been certified in France in accordance with the conditions established by l’Arrangement de reconnaissance mutuelle avec la France (Québec-France agreement).

Temporary Permit

The Board of Directors of the CMQ may issue a temporary permit to a physician whose knowledge of the French language is inadequate. This permit is valid for a maximum period of one year and may be renewed no more than three times, under certain conditions.

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