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Obtain recognition of the equivalence of your M.D. degree

Read about the first step to obtain recognition of the equivalence of your M.D. degree

CaRMS 2025

If you wish to submit an application for admission to a residency program for the 2025 CaRMS main match, we invite you to send us your application for recognition of equivalence of your medical degree before November 1, 2024. After this date, we cannot ensure that the applications received will be completed in time for the November 29, 2024, deadline.


You can use the checklist to mark off the steps you have completed.

Conditions for access to step 1 :

You hold a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from a university listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and which has an “Approved” status in your physiciansapply.ca account.

You have passed the two examinations required (MCCQE Part I and NAC). To apply to take an examination, go to the “Examinations” section of your personal account on the Medical Council of Canada’s physiciansapply.ca site.


You have the status as a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC).

To submit an application, from your personal account on the MCC’s physiciansapply.ca site, please select:

  1. Application for medical registration
  2. QC Collège des médecins du Québec
  3. Regular permit – Recognition of equivalence of the Medical Degree (M.D.)

You will also have to provide the required documents. Some must be sent to the Collège, while others must be submitted to physiciansapply.ca. Please see the List of fees.

Through the physiciansapply.ca portal, the Medical Council of Canada will source verify your credentials. Make sure you have authorized the Collège to access all your documents.


  • you have provided proof that you have passed the two examinations or have your Licentiate number (LMCC)


  • your Doctor of Medicine degree submitted to physiciansapply.ca has the verification status “Passed”,

the Collège will recognize the equivalence of your Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree.

Lead times :
  • Acknowledgment of receipt of the application: 48 to 72 hours
  • Issuance of the letter of recognition of equivalence once the file is complete: 10 business days

Recognition of the equivalence of your M.D. degree does not authorize you to practice medicine in Quebec; you must complete all the steps listed above in order to be entitled to practice, including being issued a permit to practice and a specialist’s certificate by the Collège.


For the Collège, the French language proficiency requirement is included in Step 4.

However, the universities may have particular requirements. We suggest that you contact them for information about their requirements.

A State Doctor of Medicine degree from a faculty of medicine that is located and provides training in France is recognized by the Collège under the Quebec-France Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA). You may go on to Step 2 to continue. Before doing so, make sure you contact the faculties of medicine to find out their admission requirements.

Alternative route

You may submit an application for admission to the undergraduate medical program at one of Quebec’s four faculties of medicine. Please contact the faculties directly to find out their respective admission requirements.

The number of places available is limited and you cannot be guaranteed a position in an undergraduate program. The faculties of medicine are responsible for selecting applicants.

For information

Write to: dhceu@cmq.org.