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Fee schedule

Consult the fee schedule for services related to exams, certain training activities, permits, and more.

Valid from : April 1, 2024

Please note that all fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Aldo-Québec*Mandatory educational activity$175
Special authorization$605
Training cardMore than 5 periods$273
5 periods or less$105
Certificate of professional conductMembers, Residents, and Fellows with valid training card$100
Non members$200
Additional specialist certificate$165

Consult the fee schedules : 

*Policy on the ALDO-Québec Educational Activity

Change of date
A person who wishes to make a change of date before the holding of the activity has to make the demand in writing, at least seven days before the activity. In that case, there will be no withdrawal penalty.

In case of illness or other exceptional circumstances deemed valid by the Medical Education Division, the person is entitled to a complete reimbursement of the fee payable. No reimbursement will be paid to a person who does not present himself or herself for the ALDO-Québec educational activity, nor to a person whose reason is not deemed valid by the Medical Education Division.

All applications for withdrawal must be made in writing and be signed. They must also indicate the reason for the withdrawal and contain, if applicable, a medical certificate.
To contact us, write to: aldo@cmq.org